We are a small farm that takes olive oil very seriously

Our story

Villa Monti Verdi is a small, sustainable, family farm located at the center of Umbria. Our vision is to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil in limited quantities by always keeping the environment in mind during our work.

Fresh EVOO directly to you, without middlemen involved, freshly pressed directly from us, the producers. We offer you olive oil the way it should be!

With respect for nature and history, we take care of our up to 500 years old olive trees as they give us back the highest quality olive oil. The olive grove is 2.5 hectar and contains more then 250 olive trees.

Our extra virgin olive oil is extracted from the three most characteristic olive varieties from the Umbrian region: Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio.

Colli Martani

We are located at the Martani hills, in a small medieval village, called Massa Martana. The Umbrian region is also called the green heart of Italy. An itinerary in the beautiful Tiber valley, where the air is perfumed by the expanses of vines and olive trees.

We do good for the planet while producing EVOO.

Pressed only hours after harvest

Sustainable process from start to finish

No pesticides or chemical products added

Picked by hand