Adopt olive tree

By adopting an olive tree for yourself or as a gift for someone you love you will have the opportunity to become part of the Italian, Umbrian rural life and share in the joys of the countryside with updates about your tree, the olive grove, and this beautiful part of Italy. In return, you will receive freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil of from “your tree” and its neighbours to your doorstep.

€ 49 EUR

Included in the adoption plan.

  • 250ml EVOO oil sent to your doorstep.
  • Choose a name for your tree, a personal name plate will hang on your tree.
  • Photo of your tree.
  • Coordinate to your trees position.
  • Updates about your adopted tree and the olive grove by email or social media.
  • Adoption certificate.

Adoption plan is valid for a period of twelve months, and ends automatically.

Reforestation is possibly the most efficient and affordable way to fight climate change.

As you know, trees are key pillars of the world for both humans and the environment. For every adopted tree we will plant a new ancient fruit tree on our farm.

By adopting an olive tree you will support organic cultivation and preserve the natural architecture of the olive tree that enhances its biodiversity.

Support small-scale producers who strive for environment friendly cultivation practices from start to finish.

The freshest olive juice

This unfiltered oil is the freshest olive juice available for consumption. It delivers extraordinary flavor and has rich antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Olio novello is very limited supply and insatiable demand. It is simply the best of the best and olive oil lovers are quick to purchase the freshest bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

We do good for the planet while producing EVOO.

Pressed only hours after harvest

Sustainable process from start to finish

No pesticides or chemical products added

Picked by hand