A small sustainable farm in Italy that takes olive oil very seriously.


Adopt an olive tree

By adopting an olive tree you will support organic cultivation and preserve the natural architecture of the olive tree that enhances its biodiversity. So that our orchard will continue to thrill with the dusty green of plants, each one different from the other, each with its history of decades.

Support small-scale producers who strive for environment friendly cultivation practices from start to finish.

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Adopt a tree

"we are a small farm that takes olive oil very seriously"

Our story

Highest quality and respecting nature

This is how we do it

Our work

We produce EVOO in small scale and focus on high quality oil instead of high quantity oil.

We prune our trees, and that’s it! We don’t add insecticides, no fungicides, no herbicides, we don’t even add stuff that is tolerated in organic agriculture.

Cover crops

Instead of working on the soil we focus on covercrops.

Cover crops manage soil erosion, soil fertility, soil quality, water, weeds, pests, diseases, biodiversity and wildlife in an agroecosystem - an ecological system managed and shaped by humans.


We pick our olives by hand, we harvest early, we press our olives same day as we harvest them. We coldpress our olives at the local mill.

That way get extra virgin unfiltered olive oil of highest quality.

No middlemen

You have directly contact with the producer (us) at Villa Monti Verdi and you buy your evoo from us without middlemen involved.

The freshest olive juice

This unfiltered oil is the freshest olive juice available for consumption. It delivers extraordinary flavor and has rich antioxidant and anati-inflammatory properties.

Olio novello is very limited supply and insatiable demand. It is simply the best of the best and olive oil lovers are quick to purchase the freshest bottles of extra virgin olive oil.

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We do good for the planet while producing EVOO.

Pressed only hours after harvest

Sustainable process from start to finish

No pesticides or chemical products added

Picked by hand